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The only 1:72  scale model kit that you will find of a Albatross is a Broplan vacuum form kit. This kit is a real mess.

If you never worked on a vac form before this could take a while. The kit is also very expensive. I'll give you some tips later. The Albatross was only part of 27 squadron.



Colour Schemes

White fuselage top, with PRU-blue fuselage sides and wing undersides. The upper surface of the wings are dark sea grey.

Last word

Like I said this kit is bad. Here are some tips. First mark the outsides of the body with a fine liner. Then roughly cut out the parts with scissors.

Use a piece of glass and sand paper to form the parts. Last, glue a piece of plastic card to the inside of the body to help with the aligning of the two fuselage parts.


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