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This is a 1/72 scale kit. If you need 1/48 scale info. Click on link.


The kit I used was from High Planes Models in Australia. Kit no. 72017. This kit was one of the worst kits I ever build. The quality of kits terrible and all part had left over plastic from the mould. The part that they supply with the model to extend the nose did not fit at all and had to be sanded down to fit. One thing I can say of the kit is that the decals they supplied with are exhalent. The detail was spot on.

Colour Schemes

The scheme used is air to ground. Although the aircraft retains its multi-role capability, regardless of the scheme used. Aircraft with serial numbers 360 to 378 use the air to ground colour scheme. This can be achieved as follows: The radome is painted "Light Compass Ghost Gray" for both colour schemes. In the Air to Ground scheme, the "light" colour is FS 36320 and the "darker" colour FS 36118.

For more detail on colours click on picture.

Last Word

Like I said this for me was one of the worst, but it was one that I wanted to build. The are some other kits that can be used to "kit bash" a Cheetah. The Matchbox Mirage IIIB (fair amount of scratch building) and the Hasegawa or Italeri Kfir C2 will cover the Cheetah D. See Antonio Carmagnani's article.

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