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I used the Italeri 1:72 no.127 kit. This kit is nice. All the parts fitted neatly and the detail work on the parts are great. To do the "Turbo DAK" I had to use a conversion kit which is available from Heritage Models in the UK.

Out of the parts supplied one can build a standard Turbo DAK or the Electronic Warfare version DAK.


The Italeri kit itself is not to bad for it's age. Part fit nicely and no real problems. Adding the conversion parts things start to change. First cutting the fuselage one needs to work very slowly and cut straight. Then when you add the new engine part to the wing, one need to use a lot of putty as the two do not match up.

Cutting the old nose part off to replace it with the new nose one also need to cut straight.  I decided to build the Electronic Warfare version. To do this you need to add the extra parts on the top of the fuselage (Dome + extra antennas).

Also on the Electronic Warfare version the starboard side windows must be closed off. Lastly the blades and the engine nose was the worst I've ever seen. The blades aren't the same size. and to fit them is a story of it's own. 

Colour Scheme

The aircraft is painted in a 3 tone scheme. Dark (FS35488), Medium (FS35526) and Light Sky Blue (FS36495). I used Humbrol 65 for the "Medium Sky Blue" and added a little blue to make the "Dark Sky Blue" To do the "Light Sky Blue" I used Humbrol 147 with a little of Humbrol 65.

The wing walk areas are done in "Matt Black" For a closed look at the pattern you can go to the IPMS SA website. One of the guys there has done a nice drawing.


Last word

Not much to say about the end product except if you are a SAAF model fan this is one to get. Watch out for gaps where the resin and plastic parts meet.




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