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The USS Enterprise was the first Nuclear Aircraft Carrier the American Navy build in 1960. T

he kit that I used was the Tamiya 1:350, kit no. 78007 All of the below pictures are of the sprue sets supplied with the kit.

At first glance a saw a few things I did not like about the kit.

1. The aircraft supplied with the kit was very simple and canopies had to be hand painted. No clear plastic.
2. Some of the standard "island" and deck parts were to thick for use and looked out of proportion.
3. The decals supplied was also not up to standard.
I replaced these components with 3 party products which I'll discuses later.

Construction on the hull was not to bad. I started to construct the inside as well, using plastic card.

As mentioned before I was not happy with the aircraft supplied with the kit, and I decided to buy a few carrier aircraft sets from Trumpeter.

6x SH-3 Sea King Helicopter (06214)
6x E-2C Hawkeye Aircraft (06222)
6x S-3 Viking Aircraft (06226)
6x A-6E Intruder (06224)
12x F/A-18E Super Hornet (06221)
24x F-14D Tomcat (06220)
These kits are brilliant. The detail is almost perfect. Aircraft includes clear canopies.


Ongoing construction  
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