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Tamiya kit number 20055. Scale 1/20. The Williams that I built was the 2002 model as it was setup and driven by Ralph Schumacher in the British Grand Prix.


Colour Scheme

Painted in white and blue with silver dividing lines. The blue that I used I obtained from the local BMW agent. The colour is called "AVUS BLUE"

This is a automotive paint and should be finned down about 50/50 with lacquer thinners. All decals are supplied with kit.


Last word

For me being a Ferrari supporter this was had to do in the beginning. But when I started the construction I realised that this was no ordinary kit.  The moulding techniques Tamiya used was brilliant. General assembly was easy and the parts fit like a glove.

The only tip that I have is to read the instructions before applying the wheel decals.






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