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Another nice kit to work on was the Heller Mirage III 1:72 kit no. 80323. The one that I build was the Mirage III EZ. There were a few variants of the Mirage III. The BZ/EZ/RZ/D2Z and R2Z were the ones used by the SAAF.

The main differences between them were the engines and D2Z/R2Z were twin seaters.


Colour Schemes

All the versions were camouflaged utilizing the standard French Air Force pattern. The upper surfaces were olive drab and deep buff, and under surfaces light admiralty grey.


Weapons and last word

The standard fixed armament for all the Mirage IIIs were, two internal 30mm DEFA cannon in forward fuselage beneath engine intakes. All other armament were externally on pylons under the wings and one under the belly of fuselage.

The Mirage III CZ/BZ/RZ/R2Z were part of 2 squadron and EZ/CD/D2Z, 85 advance flying school.


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