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The kit to use with the conversion kit could be either the Airfix Puma kit no. 03021 or the Heller version of the same kit.



This was one of the conversions I've been waiting for a long time.

The conversion comes with two options. Building a Oryx from 22 Sqn. with flotation gear and one from 17 Sqn. without flotation gear.

The option I chose was the one from 22 Sqn.

At first look it seams to be one of those conversions that could change your outlook on scale modelling. But it was not that bad. The one thing to remembered was to fit part before gluing them.

Colour Scheme

The Oryx has a standard camo scheme of Olive drab and Dark Earth. The inside was painted Aircraft interior black.


Cockpit changes

New tail section

New main rotor blades


Brown parts are resin.

New sponders

New engine and cockpit


New seats and engine area


Fitment of tail to fuselage

A lot of filler needed



New air intakes

New tail piece

New nose

New blades





Last word

The kit is very time consuming but worth it.

A lot of filler needed to a line the new side sponders to the fuselage.


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