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Colour Schemes

Front of canopy - matt black, top of fuselage semi-gloss white. On top of wings - extra dark sea grey. The rest of the fuselage and lower part of the wings - PRU blue. These two colours join on the centre line of the wing tip tanks.

The spinners were red. Props - matt black and 3.5mm (1/72 scale)  from the tip - yellow. 


The Kit what I used is the Revell 1:72, number 04101. The kit in general is nice, with one or two little things that need to change or added. The kit has far to many rivets on the body of the plane and needs to be sanded of.

The other thing is that one needs to scratch build the two gun in front of the planes nose. There are also various antennas that need to be added.

Last word

Another bad thing that I found with the kit is that most of the parts were loose in a pack, so if you like puzzles you like the kit. Last but not leased. There is a decal sheet available for the SAAF type of plane.

This sheet offer decals for one of any of the eight Shackletons operated by the SAAF. Sheet name: Andercraft Decal Sheet no. 2

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