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About the helicopter there is not much to say except that it was part of 15 Squadron and the first ones came into service June 1967. The kit that I used is a MACH 2 1/72 scale kit. I had to import it at a price that's not worth paying for the quality of the model.

On the kit I had to do some scratch building because the model of helicopter that they supplied in the kit has wheel housings and the SAAF version did not.

Colour Scheme

All over camouflage in olive drab and dark earth. Castle insignia at back of fuselage. Serial numbers on tail. Last two digits of serial in front on fuselage on both sides.

Last word

Like I said in the info part, the quality of the model was horrific. The amount of leftover on the parts almost out weighted the actual parts. 

To make things worst the instruction page only showed the completed model pulled out and all info was in France. All I can say is that I'm happy this project is finished.


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