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The Kit that I build was a Heller 1:72 scale no.80283. The model was very small and a lot of fine work needed to be done. The model itself had nice detail and all parts fitted perfect.

The Vampire was the very first jet in the SAAF. The first model they orders was the FB Mk5. The first ten arrived in SA is 1950. That same year they all were send to No.1 Squadron (Waterkloof). Their serial numbers were 201-210.




Colour Schemes

There were allot of deferent colour schemes for these planes over the years. The one that I decided to us on my model was no.210 which was one of the first ten to arrive in SA. The plane was one colour sprayed (High-Speed Silver, FS37178) With big black code letters on both sides in front on fuselage. The decals were placed in he standard RAF positions. Springbok roundels were used. Fin flashes were carried on either sides of the fins.


Last Word

Like I said the kit is simple and nice for a quick project. If there is any info needed on the rest of colour schemes used, please mail.


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